1. A friend of mine signed up for redONE, but did not fill my mobile number under the referrer field. How do I get recognized as a referrer?

Unfortunately, the only way to be recognized as a referrer is that the referee must input the referrer’s mobile number on the online contact form/registration form.

2. How can I check my progress as a referrer?

You can check your progress here! Results will be refreshed every Monday & Thursday by 3PM.

3. How do I know if I have won as a winner? (For both Monthly Award and the Grand Draw)

We will be posting up the names of the winners on our webpage, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram pages. Results will be posted on the 3rd of each month, at 9PM! On top of that, we will be calling the winners to let them know they have won.

4. I referred a friend, but he/she did not eventually sign up for other reasons. Will my referral still be valid?

Unfortunately, no. The referee has to successfully sign up for a redONE line for the referral to be considered successful.

5. I have successfully referred a friend. How do I claim the $5?

The $5 will be credited to your redONE account 2 months after your successful referral. It will be used to offset your future bills.
I.e. if your referee registered for a redONE line in October, you should see the credit in your December bill.

6. I signed up for the redONE line using my friend’s mobile number as a referral. How do I get my 1-month free redONE subscription?

Welcome onboard the redONE family! Your 1-month free redONE subscription will be reflected in your 2nd bill (about 2 months) after you join us. So, if you registered for a redONE line in October, you would see the credit in the 1 December bill.
Should you not see the credit in the 2nd bill, you may check with our Customer Care team, and they will assist you.